VES AX 730 (2012)


power: 1350 watts; heating element: halogen, cover: on the bracket, electronic control, working volume bulb: 12 l

Main (VES AX 730 (2012))
Power 1 350 W
The working volume of the flask 12 l
Heating element halogen
Cover on the bracket
Color white
Control and indication (VES AX 730 (2012))
Delayed start 12 h
Features (VES AX 730 (2012))
Management E
Variable speed convection
Function smoked
Function canning
The self-cleaning function
Auto power off
The voltage stabilizer
Trim (VES AX 730 (2012))
Delivery dual rack, low rack, tongs, skewers, nozzle for cooking poultry, expansion ring
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